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The People are furious and their new government can’t or won’t do anything about it. Over 10 months a series of flukes, accidents and mistakes steered a newly free Russia from burgeoning democracy to the greatest political experiment of all time. But despite the protests, the coups, the counter-coups and the packed, furious rallies… nobody seemed to notice. From the marching masses on the streets of Petrograd to the clandestine compromises in the backrooms of power, the events of Revolutionary Russia have moved from a history to a state-of-the-nation play. Ten Days is a slice of intensified history, based on the memoirs of those that lived it and adapted for 2022. An epic, comic, political thriller from journalist John Reed as he follows Lenin, Trotsky, Tsar Nicholas II and (of course) The People of Russia from the February uprising through the Storming of The Winter Palace in an action-packed, ridiculous and urgent retelling of ten days that changed our history and shook the world.

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Dates: Opening Night: 14 March 2023 Final Performance: 25 March 2023


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