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The phantom... a hideously deformed face hidden by a mask; a life lived in loneliness and shadow; a man with a dark and tortured soul who rages against the night and will kill and maim with little compunction. Christine, a beautiful young woman with the voice of an angel, new to the world of opera, whom he will adopt as his protégé and who, unknowingly, carries all of his fragile hopes and dreams. L’Opera Garnier: an opera house in Paris, ornate chandeliers, reflected in mirrors and gleaming marble underpinned by a dank, dark world of catacombs peopled by outcasts. A large soaring chorus, fine principals and wonderful score play counterpoint to a crashing chandelier, an electrified staircase, a boat where you least expect it, in this tale of fantasy and fear, love and hate, revenge, murder, untimely death and ultimate loss.

NOTE: Not to be confused with The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical by Andrew LLoyd Webber). This has different music!!

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub, Outer London