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Welcome to Ely, Nevada. You feel like a kid again. I know I do. Now Entering Ely, Nevada is a multi-sensory immersive solo show about sense memory. My name is Daniel, and my memory is awful. My grandma grew up in a hick, high desert copper mining town in Nevada. When I was little, she bought a rickety two-bedroom house, and for the rest of my childhood, my family would spend our summers there. I welcome you into this old home of mine, where we attempt to rebuild and sort through a childhood of disorganized, fragmented, and forgotten memories. Now Entering Ely, Nevada is a vulnerable, visceral, and honest meditation on growing up and the fallibility of memory. How can you reconcile a memory that is unreliable with the real feeling that it gave you?

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Dates: First Preview: 24 October 2023 Final Performance: 28 October 2023