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The longest running show in Broadway history. 17 dancers embark on an inspirational journey; only 8 will make it into the Chorus Line. From the celebrated opening number to the unforgettable finale, their stories of elation and disappointment are told with humour, pathos and Broadway pizzazz.

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Dates: First Preview: 28 June 2024 Final Performance: 13 July 2024
Location: Curve, Leicester

60 Rutland Street,



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Jocasta Almgill Diana Morales
Lydia Bannister Bebe Benzenheimer
Bradley Delarosbel Gregory Gardner
Archie Durrant Mark Anthony
Joshua Lay Al Duluca
Katie Lee Kristine Urich
Mireia Mambo Richie Walters
Kanoko Nakano Judy Turner/cover Connie Wong
Manuel Pacific Paul San Marco
Ashley-Jordon Packer Larry/cover Paul San Marco
Kate Parr Maggie Winslow
Redmand Rance Mike Costa
Chloe Saunders Val Clarke
Toby Seddon Bobby Mills
Amy Thornton Shelia Bryant
Louie Wood Don Kerr
Yuki Abe Ensemble/cover Kristine Urich and Judy Turner
Fin Adams Ensemble/cover Marky Anthony and Mike Costa
Katrina Dix Ensemble/cover Sheila Bryant and Bebe Benzenheimer
Imogen Rose Hart Ensemble/cover Diana Morales/Maggie Winslow and Richie Walters
Laura Hills Ensemble/cover Cassie and Val Clarke
Josh Kiernan Ensemble/cover Bobby Mills and Gregory Gardner
Joshua Steel Ensemble/cover Don Kerr and Al Deluca