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We're punks. We're femme fatales. We're plastic bags, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again. Gash Theatre Makes A ThirstTrap, the debut project of Gash Theatre, is an immersive theatrical film set in a house haunted by the ghosts of femininity. Using pop music, film tropes, drag, and burlesque, we explore the complexities of embracing our own sexualities in the current world. How does one make a feminist thirst trap?

World Premiere. This brand new work was made entirely in lockdown, and has the support of live artist Lucy McCormick and Lynne Kendrick, co-founder of Camden People's Theatre. Gash Theatre is a queer, feminist theatre company all about fusing theatre and film into trashy, glittery, organised chaos. Gash Theatre Makes a ThirstTrap is screening online on 18/11 , 25/11 and 02/12 at 8pm.

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