About This Show

A feminist re-telling of H.G. Wells’ sci-fi classic. A group of feminists sit in a hidden shelter preparing for the worst. When a member of the group brings something unexpected below ground, they begin to question what they really think the future of humankind will be. Meanwhile, a Time Traveller arrives in the year 802,701 and is discovering for themselves H.G Wells’ vision of what has happened to human beings. Dissecting just how bad things really are, where humans might be going and what we can (or can’t) do to save it all, the two narratives interweave as the group are asked to confront their feelings of hope and doom, echoing those in seen in Wells’ narrative of time travel, human evolution, and catastrophe.

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Running Time: 1hr 0min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: 20 October 2022
Location: Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock

Campbell Street,


PA15 1HJ

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