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Machaut lived for over 70 years in the 14th century, which in its self is impressive when you consider the famines, plagues and wars that beset Europe during this period. The length of his career helps to explain the breadth of his musical (and poetical) achievements, which include the development of secular song forms which would become the standards for decades to come, such as the rondeau, virelais and ballade, and the composition of the first complete setting of the mass ordinary by a single composer. This workshop will offer an introduction to some Machaut's most famous works, alongside a few less familiar numbers and a brief foray into the earlier Montpelier Manuscript where music from the previous generation provides us with some context. We'll cover the poetic song forms of virelais & rondeau, including the well known douce dame joilie, and ma fin est mon commencement. Where these are monophonic we'll look approaches to building an arrangement with drones and countermelodies. We'll also take some time to get used to navigating the forms and relishing the harmonies in the polyphonic works, which can be startling at first to the modern ear but have a logic and richness that's worth pursuing. We'll also tackle the hoquetus David, composed in one of Machaut's more backward looking moments and will compare with an earlier hocket from the Montpellier manuscript, and while we're there we'll take a look at one or two motets on the same tenor.

Run by Elizabeth Gutteridge. Lizzie took up playing shawm as a part of the historical re-enactment movement to re-form Waits bands throughout the country, then decided to pursue it further and make it her main occupation. She plays a wide range of historical instruments, including bagpipes, recorders, curtals and fiddles.

This event takes place at Burley in Wharfedale Methodist Church, LS29 7DT

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