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Confessions Of A Pop Elitist - Mary Pearson: In my first google dives into the subject I came across this popularly quoted quote from David Cronenberg: "Entertainment wants to give you what you want. Art wants to give you what you don't know you want." I want to give you something that you don't know that I didn't know that you wanted. Without knowing you, I still want to give you what I want you to want; what you thought you knew you didn't want. What both of us didn't know we didn't know was one other. We will know that now. It will be good. A multi disciplinary solo homage to the avante-garde and experimental, to kitsch, shtick, and academia, to snobbery, trash tv and easy laughs. Potentially inspired by Mr Rogers' friendly neighbourhood, Titanic, modernism, iconic works of contemporary dance and performance art, Katy Perry, opera, muppets, lounge singers, and musicals. Written, directed and performed by Mary Pearson. O No! - Jamie Wood: O No! is the very first sketches of a new clown show about avant-garde art by Jamie Wood inspired by the life, love and work of Yoko Ono. In thinking about the show these are some questions Jamie has asked himself to respond to. Who does art belong to? What are common reactions to violence? Is love a type of violence? Imagination and reality, which is more real? Comedy and tragedy, which articulates the profundity of your existence more articulately? Is art a privilege some of us cannot afford? Where does art belong in such a violent dirty world? Can it be relevant and speak to everybody no matter what their social class is? Can art change the world? O No! will be working towards a ridiculous and moving show about relationships, John and Yoko, art and war, simplicity and complexity, idealism and activism, violence and peace, comedy and profundity, opti

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    The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter