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Who knows how long more the arse will be dragged out of this? It's 2048 and the end of the world is nigh. Actually, it's not that nigh - it's been going on for flipping ages and everyone's a bit over it, to be honest. Liam and his long-suffering wife Edel have been up all night trying to get their chaotic affairs into some kind of order, surrounded by dozens of empties from last night's raging party. They feel rough, they're on edge, and they're blasting music to drown out the cataclysmic noise outside as cities start to disappear and the world's animals go haywire. Liam is hammering furiously at his typewriter, finishing the memoirs that no-one will ever read. Edel is wrangling with her laptop, desperately trying to say a final goodbye to their beloved kids. And they're both reflecting on past regrets - and trying to put them right in sometimes bloody, messy, outrageous ways. As tempers fray, family secrets are outed and their behaviour becomes ever more questionable, Liam and Edel try to work out what really matters as they career towards a bickering end - while the world literally falls apart around them.

Presented as an audio recorded reading

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