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Meet the boys: Tom – A bright-eyed, bushy-tailed keen as mustard youngster way a dodgy degree. A c***ing backpacker. Gary – Pupped his bird on the first shag and, before he kent he hated her he had 3 bairns, a dog and depression. He’d never let his mates down. Frank – Burberry raincoat. Little suitcase on wheels. A couple ay wannabe types trailing along behind…curious about what sort ay dumb f***ers want tay work for them. Goes back tay base, has a good laugh way all the other execs about how daft we all are. And then there’s me: Eddie – I’ve never been a political person. Not till now. But I’ve always been interested in violence. Always…ken…really enjoyed it. I tried all the gratuitous stuff, the recreational violence, ken, the leathering folk just for the sheer, amoral pleasure…seen as how I’m a bit more mature, I thought I should, ken, maybe try something way a point…it’s maybe more satisfying – violence way a reason. Eddie and Gary are making the ultimate political statement. Tom’s unwittingly got involved. And Frank? Who knows about Frank?

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Dates: Opening Night: 16 October 2018 Final Performance: 03 November 2018