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Ian Smith is an award-winning comedian, as seen on BBC3’s ‘Sweat the Small Stuff’, BBC2 sitcom ‘Popatron’, Sky’s ‘Officially Special’ and ‘BBC Three at the Fringe’.Ian is always stressed about something – and now he’s getting told off by his jobsworth dentist for grinding his teeth in his sleep, which is stressing him out even more. Some advice to help includes hypnotism, pre-bedtime motivational messages spoken into the mirror and, hardest of all, to just stop being anxious – but is that even possible? Not, it seems, for Ian. Join Ian for an hour where he explains why he’s stressed and what he can and can’t do about it – and why that led to him a sensory deprivation floatation tank and travelling to Slovakia and driving a tank over a car with his hairdresser. Come and see the critically acclaimed, multi-award nominated, sell-out Fringe show from Goole’s only comedian.

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Dates: First Preview: 19 January 2024 Final Performance: 19 January 2024
Location: Brighton Komedia, Brighton

44-47 Gardner Street,



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