About This Show

SURGE gives life to a future human on the border between the digital and organic worlds. A character pushed to their limits to ‘feel’, to ‘sense’, to ‘exist’. An immersive, audio-visual, genre-breaking performance, SURGE showcases exclusive new music from British music producer ITAL TEK, featuring live vocals from performer Jemima Brown. Tom Dale brings to life a duet between dancer and animated light in a gripping, sensory relationship. SUB:VERSION is an elegant selection of ten dance sketches that weave a hypnotic journey through electronic music sub-genres using WEN’s album EPHEM:ERA. Exploring the pleasure of moving to music, hypnotic club music, gossamer-like melodies, dissonant and weightless ambiance all guide the dancers compulsion to move, adding an experiential layer to the music. The result is a core celebration of dance itself: the body and the limitless possibilities that music can evoke.

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Dates: First Preview: 13 October 2023 Final Performance: 13 October 2023