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Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey discusses his latest stage outing in Cock

The acclaimed production runs until 4 June

Jonathan Bailey in Cock
© Brinkhoff-Moegenburg

Fans of Netflix's hit series Bridgerton are rejoicing across the globe today as the streaming service releases its highly anticipated second season. As the main focus of the show reportedly switches to Anthony Bridgerton on this occasion, played by West End star Jonathan Bailey, we thought it might be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that Bailey is currently treading the boards of the Ambassadors Theatre in Marianne Elliott's revival of Mike Bartlett's comedy Cock.

Taron Egerton and Jonathan Bailey in Cock
© Brinkhoff-Moegenburg

We recently caught up with the talented actor and here's what he had to say about the production:

I guess we need to start with the title. Why do you think the play is called Cock?

Well, it's called Cock because ultimately, it's a cock fight. It's provocative and it sums up the show, I think. It can mean many things. It's front-footed and it gets your attention. The experience of playing it – and I think for the audience as well – is that it is surprising every step of the way. It means one thing, but also multiple other things. It's not necessarily just about sexuality. It transcends that and it becomes about human existentialism. It's sort of fascinating. Yeah… great name!

Of course, we loved your show-stopping turn in the gender-swapped role of Jamie in Marianne Elliott's production of Company. What was the best thing about reuniting with her for this particular project?

I just think Marianne is unbelievable! She is a genius. Her sense of humour is… chef's kiss! It was such a privilege to be asked to do this. My God, if I could work with her again… If she ever calls again, I'll be there! She has this unfathomable ability to tap into the human condition in any play. There's always pain. There's always humour. It's always simple, actually. That's why her productions are always so good. They always either shift your understanding of what a classic is or how you experience it. Company obviously went over to New York and closed due to the pandemic and the theatre community's experiences over the last two years have been quite traumatic and her invitation really was to get the war paint on and get back on stage to tell a story in a very simple form.

Mike Bartlett's words are so brilliant and the set is amazing, but it's incredibly simple. It goes back to the very fundamentals of what theatre is about, which is just storytelling, acting, direction and movement. Yeah, it was amazing to be back in the room with her.

Well, we're all looking forward to the next collaboration. Now, if you could describe Cock in just three words, what would they be?

Cock is… pleasurable… overwhelming… and moreish!

Tickets for Cock are available below.