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10 showtunes you should (or shouldn't) be listening to this Valentine's

According to a new poll, show tunes are the least likely to be played in the bedroom. Here are some stagey options for your Valentine's Day playlist

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According to a new poll by Town Hall Symphony Hall, Birmingham, showtunes are the least popular genre of music to be played by couples getting it on in the bedroom, losing out to opera, classical and chamber music. Only one per cent of the 2,030 adults surveyed choose songs from musicals as their soundtrack for when they're getting busy, as opposed to 16 per cent of people who opt for RnB.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here are five songs you should add to your romantic playlists, and five you definitely shouldn't.

What to play this Valentine's Day

"We Go Together" - Grease

We suggest starting things off with a classic duet. but try not to think about when this song was released, and the year your parents met. *shudder*

"Lady In The Long Black Dress" - Sister Act

Because if a song about pulling a group of nuns isn't romantic, then what is? Also, RnB came out as the most popular music genre for the bedroom, so what better combination?

"You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want" - Avenue Q

Some sound advice from the foul-mouthed puppets for any screamers out there who need a little extra encouragement.

"I'll Cover You" - Rent

Anthony Rapp, who originated the role of Mark on Broadway and played him in the film, named it as his most romantic Broadway song ever. And it's lovely.

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - The Lion King

Will you be feeling the love on Valentine's night? Elton certainly hopes so.

Songs to avoid

"On My Own" - Les Misérables

No one *wants* to be on their own on Valentine's Day, do they? Put this track on to get in the mood, and that may well be how you end up.

"The History of the Wrong Guys" - ''Kinky Boots

No-one's looking for the wrong guy, are they?

"If You Want to Die in Bed" - Miss Saigon

Nobody wants to die in bed. Not like that. (Fact: Incidentally, Matthew McConaughey's father did just that.)

"I Can't Do It Alone" - Chicago

This isn't actually about sex. It's about the Velma's former double act partner. I say former because (spoiler) Velma killed her. This might kill the vibe with your special double act partner.

"The Internet is for Porn" - Avenue Q

The singleton's anthem.

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