The Awkward Squad, a new 'state-of-the-nation' comedy by BAFTA winning Emmerdale writer Karin Young, will run at the Arts Theatre in March following its premiere in South Shields.

The play, which takes “a sideways look at the unexpected challenges faced by modern women of all ages”, will star Charlie Hardwick (Emmerdale), Barbara Marten (Casualty, Globe's Henry IV Parts I & II), Libby Davison (The Bill) and Lisa McGrillis (The Pitmen Painters).

What chance does Lorna (Barbara Marten) have of a quiet weekend when both daughters and her granddaughter descend on her with their own problems? She’s spent three decades working for everyone else through the miners’ strikes, community milk schemes and library closures and tomorrow she’s to be given an honorary PhD - but her granddaughter thinks a boob job is more important…

The Awkward Squad runs at the Arts Theatre from 6 March to 7 April 2012, after which it will visit York Theatre Royal. It premieres at the Customs House in South Shields, from 28 February to 3 March 2012.