Last night (7 November 2011) over 100 theatregoers made their way to Trafalgar Studios 1 to see Warren Clarke return to the stage for the first time in over a decade, to play Winston Churchill in Three Days in May, Ben Brown’s political thriller which takes us behind the doors of Number Ten during three of the most pivotal days in British history when, extraordinarily, giving in to Hitler was considered by some to be a viable option.

Having urgently assembled the British war cabinet, the new Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is suddenly confronted with an intense game of political chess as he tries to persuade peace treaty supporters, including Neville Chamberlain that Britain must not give in. Divided on whether to negotiate terms through Mussolini or escalate the battle against fascism alone, one man has to make a monumental decision which will shape the future of the free world…

Following the production the whole cast joined us for an insightful Q&A which covered the relevance of the piece in the current climate, tackling such iconic figures and the preparation it requires as well as challenges faced by politicians in the media today.

To listen to an edited recording of the Q&A, which was chaired by Managing and Editorial Director Terri Paddock, click the 'play' button below; or to subscribe and download from iTunes, click here.

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