Paul Rhys’ withdrawal from Paul and the cancellation of this month’s performances of the new Howard Brenton play does have an upside (See News, 10 Oct 2005) - especially for anyone who missed out on tickets to Mike Leigh’s Two Thousand Years, which sold out long before its press night last month (See News, 15 Sep 2005). The hole left by Paul in the NT Cottesloe repertory is being filled by extra performances of Two Thousand Years. Six extra performances of the Leigh play are now scheduled for the period from 14 to 19 October 2005. All of which will keep Adam Godley extremely busy indeed. He’s taking over from Rhys and will be rehearsing during the day while performing in Two Thousand Years. He can have a bit of a rest on 20 and 31 October 2005, when the theatre will be dark. Then from 1 November, he’ll be double-timing again as Paul rejoins the rep ahead of a rescheduled 9 November press night.