Peter Hall may not have managed to bring his 50th anniversary production of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot to town (See News, 16 Aug 2005), but it looks likely that another production from his summer repertory season at Bath will transfer. After its initial run from 10 August to 3 September 2005 at Bath, Hall’s revival of Shaw’s 1899 play You Never Can Tell embarked on a regional tour (See News, 15 Apr 2005). That concludes in Edinburgh on 22 October 2005, after which its tipped for a swift West End transfer, possibly to the Garrick Theatre, which will be vacant from 1 October, after the premature closure of Nigel Planer’s On the Ceiling. In the Shaw comedy, the enlightened Mrs Lanfrey Clandon and her three unconventional children have returned to England after 18 years of living abroad. While staying at a seaside hotel in Torbay, the family bump into the staunchly traditional father they’d previously abandoned. Diana Quick and Edward Fox star as, respectively, Mrs Clandon and the all-knowing, all-seeing waiter.