The winner of our Miranda Sings competition has been confirmed as Damien Kavanagh, whose entry "Amanda/Miranda - Womanizer" was chosen from over 60 videos by Miranda (aka actress Colleen Ballinger) herself.

As his prize, Damien will perform “Womanizer” with Miranda during her concert at the Leicester Square Theatre on Thursday (3 June 2010), as part of a line-up that also features Leanne Jones, Julie Atherton, Scarlett Strallen, Jon Lee, Noel Sullivan and Ben James Ellis.

On hearing the news, Damien, who hails from Dublin, said he was “honoured to be given the opportunity to perform alongside this world famous singer.”

“One of my friends told me about Miranda's videos last November” he added. “I never usually follow people on YouTube, but I made an exception for her because her videos are just so funny.”

Miranda, who made her selection over the weekend, told “I'm so excited to announce that the video titled  'Amanda/Miranda - Womanizer' by damienka is the winner of my contest. He pretty much is the best singer out there besides me so of course he won. Also, I like his hair.”

To view the winning entry, click 'play' on the video below...

For the uninitiated, Miranda - in real life, creator and actor Colleen Ballinger - parodies the many YouTube singing wannabes with her woeful (yet compelling!) interpretations of popular songs.

With eyebrows that move entirely independently of each other, a crooked smile and a face bearing the remnants of a fight with the lipstick, Miranda has caused a sensation, fast building up a cult following.

As part of the prize, Damien will also receive a pair of comp tickets to the show, as will the five runners-up: cecelia_belts, Bethylou_Sings, ilovemiranda6, mickeysings08 and laurensings08 (to view all the entries, visit