The recent public fallout between the national drama critics and director Trevor Nunn - fuelled by the decision to delay the press from reviewing Nunn’s productions of King Lear and The Seagull at the Royal Shakespeare Company until leading lady Frances Barber recovered from a leg injury – has been reignited this morning by none other than Nunn’s wife, the actress Imogen Stubbs. Retaliating against comments such as those by Charles Spencer of the Daily Telegraph – who called Nunn a “total prat as a human being” and that he “felt like giving the blighter a good kicking” in his write-up of last Thursday’s press day (See Today’s Review Round-up) – Stubbs is reported as defending her husband because he “hasn’t uttered a syllable in print and has done nothing to be worthy of such bile”, and that critics wrote a “vituperative Niagara of words” against the director. Let’s hope the critics are kinder to Sir Trev when he premieres his new musical adaptation of Gone to the Wind in spring 2008 (See News, 1 Jun 2007).