After a rehearsed reading at the Comedy Theatre last December (See News, 28 Nov 2006), Charles Dance and Janie Dee may reteam this autumn for a full-fledged West End production of the William Nicholson’s award-winning 1990 play Shadowlands. Set in Oxford in the 1950s, the piece tells the true love story of CS Lewis (Dance) and Joy Gresham (Dee). Lewis, a leading Christian academic and author of many classic books including The Chronicles of Narnia, remained a bachelor until his fifties, when he met Joy. Enchanted by the American divorcee, he secretly married her and cared for her when she became terminally ill. For the pre-Christmas reading, organised by Dee as a fundraiser for the Nepalese school-building charity, the Pahar Trust, Dance and Dee were directed by Jeremy Sams, in whose production of Donkeys’ Years Dee was then appearing in at the Comedy.