If The Madness of George Dubya didn't sate your hunger for political satire, not to worry - more is on the way soon. Producers Michael Grade and Raymond Gubbay are holding auditions next week for a new Iraqui revue, which they're planning to open in the West End in late June. In this week's edition of The Stage, they've advertised for Saddam Hussein look-alikes, though hopefuls needn't worry about accoutrements. "Beret and flak jacket will be provided. Moustaches will be available for clean-shaven applicants." It's unclear just what the stance of the as yet-unnamed piece will be, but given that it's being penned by Alistair Beaton, author of the 2001 New Labour spin doctor comedy Feelgood, it's probably safe to assume Tony Labour's Government won't be getting an easy ride.