Apparently Mel Brooks originally conceived The Producers as a stage show but was advised that, because it had “too many scenes”, it was better suited to film. Over the past three years, of course, the success of the musical comedy, which opens in London in November, has proved it works in both mediums. So much so that now Brooks is taking it back to the big screen in a new version starring original Broadway stars Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick as well as Nicole Kidman (See News, 2 Feb 2004). And the American impresario is hoping his crossover luck won’t end there. He and co-writer Thomas Meehan are now working on a musical stage version of his 1974 horror movie comedy Young Frankenstein. Like the first film of The Producers, it too starred Gene Wilder, who played the grandson of Dr Frankenstein. After years of trying to live down the reputation of his name, young neurosurgeon Frederick inherits his grandfather’s castle and can’t resist repeating some experiments.