Perhaps we spoke too soon in advising you to set your video for Saturday for “Jerry Night” on BBC2. If television standards campaigners get their way, the ground-breaking broadcast of Jerry Springer - The Opera could be cancelled. Mediawatch-UK (previously known as the National Viewers and Listeners Association and headed by Mary Whitehouse) has appealed to BBC chairman Michael Grade, saying that “the continuous stream of obscene and profane language, as well as the debauched behaviour that characterises Mr Springer’s TV shows, is unacceptable and will alienate a large number of viewers”. The figure of 8,000 obscenities is frequently bandied about in relation to Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee’s multi award-winning musical, though a spokesperson at show producers Avalon told that is only derived by multiplying the number of individual swear words in the score (250) by the number of cast members who sing or speak them. According to a BBC press statement, “As a public service broadcaster, it is the BBC’s role to broadcast a range of programmes that will appeal to all audiences – with very differing tastes and interests – present in the UK today.” Conservative pressure groups are lobbying members of the public to contact the BBC to complain, while others – amongst them, theatregoers from the Discussion Forum - are mobilising their support for the BBC’s right to televise Jerry Springer.