Opening at the Old Red Lion Theatre on 8 September, 'Til I Die follows the friendship between two young men, Danny and Lee, who live for each other and for the beautiful game – for its ugly and violent sub-culture. Written by rising star Benjamin Cooper and starring Patricia Quinn, best known for her role as Magenta in the cult hit film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as originating the role at The Royal Court. 'Til I Die is billed as "a compelling and hugely powerful new play about love and loyalty in a fractured society". Here, Patricia Quinn gives us five good reasons to go and see it…

1) THE PLAY: Benjamin Cooper has produced a stunning piece of new writing that offers a lot of insight into our youth culture, their relationships with girlfriends, family and each other.

2) COMEDY: It might be a play that deals with very weighty and sometimes violent matters, but the play is by turns hugely moving and also hilarious. It is a humour that comes from finding sheer joy in the ordinariness of the people it depicts. I’d even go further to say that it finds beauty there too.

3) MOTHERS AND SONS: 'Til I Die is not a male-dominated play. There’s Leona O’Sullivan who plays Lee’s girlfriend Lucy. This is Leona’s first job out of acting school and she is dynamite. I play Danny’s mother. I’m quite a tragic character but what has been most fun is finding the bitter sweet comedy in a part like that and her heartbreaking relationship with her son.

4) SEBASTIAN HURTARDO & CAI O’LEARY: They play the central characters of Danny and Lee. Their story is the core of the play. They’ve grown up together and aside from football they pretty much only have each other to rely on. The story between the two of them is electrifying.

5) THE FOOTBALL CHANTS! Enough said…

‘Til I Die is at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 8 to 26 September.