Rumplestiltskin (Liverpool, Unity)
By Sarah Daniels
Family fun abound at this year's Christmas show at the Unity.
Clybourne Park (Tour - Liverpool)
By Richard Woodward
Clydbourne Park impresses Richard Woodward at the Unity.
Mind the Gap (Unity, Liverpool)
By Janie Phillips
Intimate, unique and entertaining but Mind the Gap.
Spike Theatre Hoof! and improvise their way back to Liverpool's Unity, 4 April
Spike Theatre bring back their popular show to Liverpool, following success touring The Games.
I Am A Voice celebrates International Women's Week at Unity, Liverpool
Local theatre company set up by Lina Sebuyange stage a piece to raise awareness of how women all over the world are mistreated
One Woman Boxing Promoter Play Bella to open at Liverpool's Unity Theatre
A little known story of a female boxing promoter is being staged at Liverpool's Unity Theatre, prior to a short tour
When I was a Girl I used to Scream and Shout (Liverpool)
The Unity, LiverpoolThis play made its debut in 1984 and on the eve of its thirtieth birthday it is still in good shape as a quirky comedy. It will amuse you, make you laugh out loud, bring a ...