Unity Theatre

Honours for Kristin Scott Thomas, James Corden and Sheridan Smith
The New Year's Honours list features a large number of theatre names
Tmesis tour That's Amore in 2015
The tour starts at Liverpool's Unity, who also commissioned the piece.
The Judgement of Hakim (Liverpool)
By Janie Phillips
At the Unity Theatre, The Judgement of Hakim explores how we leave a trail in the digital age and very innovative it is too, says Janie Phillips
Scottie Road - The Musical (Liverpool)
By Janie Phillips
Janie Phillips has a great time laughing along at the antics of a dynamic due in Scottie Road - The Musical at the Unity, Liverpool
The Pied Piper (Liverpool)
Carole Baldock likes the fact that The Liverpool Unity's Pied Piper treats the audience with respect
STATIk explores wit and wisdom of children
By Editorial Staff
Audiences are to be given a glimpse into the minds of children in Action Port Theatre's new show.
The Unthinkable Mystery of The Indigo Star (Liverpool)
By Editorial Staff
Unity Theatre, Liverpool The Unthinkable Mystery of The Indigo StarĀ© Unty Theatre Three greatest detectives of our time have been asked by their Government to investigate the murder ...