Julie Madly Deeply

Julie Madly Deeply (Tour - Salford)
By Julia Taylor

The hills are live with the sound of greatness.

Julie Madly Deeply (Trafalgar Studios)
By Ben Hewis

The Edinburgh Fringe hit paying tribute to Julie Andrews transfers to Trafalgar Studios 2 for a seasonal run

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone and Julie Andrews take to London stages
By Editorial Staff

Two more Hollywood legends are heading to the UK in the new year to share their memories of their career highs and lows

Podcast: Q&A with Julie Madly Deeply star Sarah-Louise Young
By Editorial Staff

Listen to the podcast from our latest Outing to Julie Madly Deeply at the Trafalgar Studios

Julie Andrews tribute comes to Trafalgar Studios 2 for Christmas
By Editorial Staff

Sarah-Louise Young's Julie Madly Deeply opens on 25 November for a six-week season

Chris Grady: Final Edinburgh reflections and recommendations
My last couple of days in Edinburgh (Monday and Tuesday) passed in a whirlwind because, not only was I seeing shows, I was also ensuring that my three guests from the creative industries in ...
Sarah-Louise Young: My five favourite Julie Andrews things
It's so much more than just The Sound of Music! Sarah-Louise Young tells us her favourite things about Julie Andrews to tie in with her show at the Fringe, Julie Madly Deeply, at the Gilded Balloon