Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment announce new award
The award is financed by the company's International Ibsen Award win
There's an art to a good festival and Bristol's In Between Time gets it right
Matt Trueman on how a good festival is constructed and why the biennial Bristol-based In Between Time works so well
Review: Real Magic (Arnolfini, Bristol)
Experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment return with this absurdist piece
Forced Entertainment in pictures
By Editorial Staff
After the Sheffield company received the International Ibsen Award, we look at their works through the years
Holly Williams: Should we still favour writers over companies?
After experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment received the prestigious International Ibsen Award on the weekend, Holly Williams reflects on why there's still a bias towards the literary in the UK
Forced Entertainment to live-stream Complete Works
The theatre company will have their Table Top Shakespeare play out over nine days at the Theaterfestival Basel
Forced Entertainment win International Ibsen Award
The prestigious prize is given by the Norwegian government
Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare - Julius Caesar and The Merry Wives of Windsor
Holly Williams watches two more of Forced Entertainment's absurdist takes on Shakespeare
Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare - Richard II and Henry IV, Part I (Pit, Barbican)
Michael Coveney returns to the Barbican for another look at Forced Entertainment's unique take on the Bard