Christopher Marlowe

Shakespeare in Love (Noel Coward Theatre)
By Michael Coveney · 23 Jul 2014

The Oscar-winning film imagining the Bard as a young romantic hero flourishes on stage

The Jew of Malta
By Mike Shaw · 1 Apr 2014

Accents are important in theatre. Done right, they can give a performance more depth. Ignored, they can make a performance feel half-baked. Done wrong, however, and they can sour things altogether.

The Massacre at Paris (Canterbury Cathedral)
By Mike Shaw · 28 Mar 2014

An atmospheric production of Christopher Marlowe's bloody play from Fourth Monkey in Canterbury Cathedral's crypt

The Massacre at Paris (Rose Theatre, Bankside)
By Miranda Fay Thomas · 17 Mar 2014

Christopher Marlowe's final play is revived on the south bank

Fourth Monkey marks Marlowe's 450th with season in Canterbury
By Theo Bosanquet · 19 Feb 2014

Productions include a revival of The Massacre At Paris in Canterbury Cathedral

Doctor Faustus (Arts Theatre, Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 4 Feb 2014

Celebrations for the 450th anniversary of the birth of Christopher Marlowe are in full swing both in his home city of Canterbury and in Cambridge, where he was a student at Corpus Christi, wrote his early plays and became involved with Elizabethan espionage and counter-espionage.

Rose Bankside stages anniversary Doctor Faustus
By Editorial Staff · 14 Jan 2014

The venue, housed on the site of the historic playhouse, is timing a revival to coincide with Marlowe's 450th birthday

Dido, Queen of Carthage (Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 18 Nov 2013

An atmospheric production of Marlowe's play in Wren's chapel for Emmanuel College

Five reasons to see... Dido, Queen of Carthage
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2013

Director Michael Oakley explains what Christopher Marlowe's neglected masterpiece has to offer

Cambridge to celebrate Christopher Marlowe
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 5 Nov 2013

The Marlowe Society marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of Christopher Marlowe by staging all of his plays in Cambridge