Jo Caird: Are Theatres Bad at Telling Us Why Theatre Matters?
By Jo Caird
I recently attended a fascinating and lively debate hosted by Intelligence Squared, an international forum for live debate. The motion being debated was ‘Museums are bad at telling us why art ma
Theatregoers Get Real Time Answers at R&G Q&A
By Outing
We couldn’t resist a Outing to see Trevor Nunn finally realising a forty year old dream by directing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard’s break-out
News of the World Shock Horror
I was catching up with a four-hour matinee of Ibsen's Emperor and Galilean at the National Theatre while the rest of the world absorbed the shock news of the sudden closure of the News of th
Jo Caird: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
By Jo Caird
Lullaby, which I saw this week at the Barbican, invites theatregoers to pack their toothbrush and pyjamas and spend the night in the Pit. The show you watch from your bed, which features ...
Hosannas to Anna Massey & Ayrton Senna
Anna Massey was a glorious actress with a voice like a dry martini you could suck through a straw. It's amazing how certain descriptive words stick to certain actors. "Acidulous" was hers in the same ...
WOS Theatregoers Don't Go Begging at Meet & Greet
By Outing
Last night (4 July), with its clear blue skies and balmy temperatures, couldn’t have been better for our Outing to The Beggar’s Opera at Regent’s Park Open Air. With
Big Hitters & Small Gems
There were times during Wimbledon fortnight when it seemed there were more actors and comedians watching the tennis than appearing on stages or making movies. Royal box visitors who flashed up on our ...
Jo Caird: Should ‘Lost’ Plays Stay Lost?
By Jo Caird
It could be that I’ve only just started paying attention, and that actually this isn’t a new trend at all, but it feels to me like London theatre has been on a ‘lost’ plays ben
Tricky Sticky Dickie
The strongest man is he who stands alone, proclaims Ibsen's hero in An Enemy of the People. And sometimes the strangest, too. There's something exhilarating about not agreeing with anyone, as I ...
Theatregoers All Aboard for Railway Children Meet & Greet
By Outing
Last night (29 June), 160 theatregoers descended upon the abandoned Eurostar terminal at Waterloo Station for a captivating performance of the Olivier Award-winning production,