Fascinating Aida
Fascinating Aida
© Steve Ullathorne
Charm Offensive, which marks Fascinating Aida's 30th anniversary, will run at the Queen Elizabeth Hall from 22 December 2013 to 10 January 2014 as the culmination of their autumn tour.

According to press material, "Freshly invigorated by over 10 million YouTube hits for their song, 'Cheap Flights' [see video below], Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and Liza Pulman will present several numbers hot off the press, plus a few old favourites including their infamous anthem to budget travel."

Dillie Keane, who founded Fascinating Aida in 1983, said: "Fed up with the endless recession? Got any money left after paying your bedroom tax, losing your child benefit and being robbed by a Cypriot Bank? If so, cheer yourself up at the cheapest and cheeriest show in town.

"Oh and 30 years - who'd have thought that we'd outlive the VHS? Expect topical new songs hot off the press, plus some outrageous old favourites, as Fascinating Aïda continue to grow old disgracefully."