The European premiere of Stephen Sachs' Bakersfield Mist, starring Kathleen Turner and Ian McDiarmid, opened at the Duchess Theatre last night.

Reviewing the play for WhatsOnStage, Michael Coveney said: "It's great to see Turner still careering down an untended path of soggy emotional wipe-out, and McDiarmid bristling inimitably like a porcupine before being trampled underfoot by a gorgon."

The two-hander comedy, tells the story of a woman who buys a painting for $3 that she comes to believe is an original Jackson Pollock worth millions. The play runs at the Duchess Theatre until 30 August 2014.

Check out Dan Wooller's photos from the after party below, guests in attendance included Diana Vickers, Simon Shepherd and Haydn Gwynne.