A new site-specific production of Shakespeare's Macbeth will invite audience members to sleep over on the top floor of an east London tower block.

The production is produced by immersive theatre specialists RIFT (formerly known as RETZ), and runs from 20 June to 16 August 2014 at a yet-to-be revealed "brutalist architectural masterpiece" in the East End.

According to press material, "Performed overnight from 8pm until 8am, RIFT create a fevered festival-like dream of characters sleepwalking through walls, confiding plots and conspiring murder in this lively and ambitious retelling of Shakespeare's Scottish play."

Among the experiences on offer is the chance to "face witches in an underground car park, drink and feast with the Macbeths as the siege rages around them and then take a restful sleep on the 27th floor."

Tickets are available in packages named 'soft', 'hard' and 'deluxe', with the latter including a promise to "sleep like a King" and share a vegetarian meal with Macbeth.

Macbeth is directed by Felix Mortimer, who co-founded RETZ in 2010. The company's previous credits include last year's interactive version of Kafka's The Trial (2013) and a six-part retelling of The Tempest in 2012.

For more information, visit www.r-ft.co.uk