We've had no shortage of movie musical adaptations in recent years, and now it appears a hit US TV series could be making the transition from screen to stage.

Hospital sitcom Scrubs, which starred Zach Braff as a naive medical trainee, is reportedly being developed as a musical, and the idea started in the UK.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, creator Bill Lawrence said: "Randall Winston, who's part of my company here and produced Scrubs, was talking to a British theatre group, and it turns out Scrubs is very, very big in the UK.

"When Zach [Braff] went over there and did his play All New People, he'd come out at the end and there would be thousands of Scrubs fans. So then we really started taking seriously the idea of Scrubs as a musical."

Although Braff won't star in the stage version himself, he is "involved creatively".

"I would do it as the Legally Blonde or Wicked model," Lawrence added. "It's all the same characters... We're combining two of our best stories with what we're allowed to cull and choose from our best comedic moments and fantasies from nine years of the show."

Other cast members of the show - which ran between 2001 and 2010 - included Donald Faison, John C McGinley and Sarah Chalke. But none are currently attached to the stage version.

"The only people I could see reprising their roles are Ted's a cappella band [The Blanks]," said Lawrence. "The reason that we put them on Scrubs in the first place, besides the fact that they're funny, is that they are all musical theatre guys.''

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