Digits, a new play from emerging writer Tamsin Walker makes its debut at the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s Brewery Theatre for just three shows as part of the resourceful South Bristol venue’s first foray into Lunchtime Theatre.

A finalist in the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s Script Space new writing competition, Digits is a slick, blackly comic drama about friendship, desperation and listening in to conversations on public transport. Before the show, the audience is invited along for pizza courtesy of next-door neighbour Mark’s Bread, which is included in the ticket price (just £5). The enterprising venue is hoping to attract Southville’s lively community of freelance creatives, office and shop workers on their lunch breaks, as well as young parents.

The TFT’s Carrie Rhys-Davies explains: “Seeing a bite-sized show is a great way to spend a lunch break: it’s sociable, diverting and relaxing. I’m really pleased that in Digits we’ve got such an entertaining and accessible play to trial the form with local audiences.”

Adapted from a short story of the same name, Tamsin Walker’s sharp and pacey play explores the conflict that arises between self-interest and friendship when the chips are down. With crackling dialogue and a neat unreliable narrator device, it makes for a compelling twenty minutes of drama.

Bristol-born director Emma Callander, returned from a 2 year stint as associate director with the National Theatre of Scotland for 2 years, says: "I'm a big fan of presenting new writing at lunchtime. It's an underrated time slot. Our natural levels of focus in the middle of the day are ideal for presenting new work. Digits is a great play and it's been a joy working on the script at this early stage of development supported by the fantastic Script Space programme."

Script Space, an initiative to promote new writing, has gone from strength to strength since its inception five years ago. Over twenty emerging and established writers have brought their new plays before an audience for the first time.