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The Pajama Men - In The Middle of No One

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Spending the night with this pajama-clad comic duo is a bit like handing over the keys to your mini and asking the local fruitcake to take you for a spin: you could end up anywhere and meet the nuttiest host of people (and animals) the universe holds and still be back in time for tea.

The Pajama Men (aka Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen) are an inventive, chameleonic pair who take us between scenes and characters at breakneck speed using only their capering, breathtaking physical energy, two chairs and one excellent musician to add the odd witty touch of Hollywood melodrama or montage music.

What first seems like a smorgasbord of surreal chaos works itself into the gripping, though tongue in cheek, storyline of dim-witted time-travelling astronaut on a quest to save his father, woo/shag his über-breasted girlfriend and evade the clutches of an alien (and its forehead).

Clever, well-observed social tics of the characters morph into grotesque hilarious caricatures and pastiches of cinema's most well-worn cliches. (I nearly died from laughing at the rare South American bird and two gossiping housewives - you have been warned.)

These well-seasoned masters of the apparent improvised scene are firm Edinburgh favourites, and with latest show In The Middle of No One they're surely set to win yet more hardcore fans south of the border.

- Vicky Ellis

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