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Kid Critic: Hetty Feather (Vaudeville Theatre)

In the first of a series of special reviews, 10 year-old Catherine Allen went to see Jacqueline Wilson's ''Hetty Feather'' at the Vaudeville Theatre. Here's what she thought...

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Phoebe Thomas as Hetty and Nikki Warwick as Mdm Adeline with company
© Donald Cooper

Hetty Feather is a young girl with long, bright red hair, and a fiery personality to match! She was born in the Victorian era in unfortunate circumstances, but is determined to find her way in life.

Hetty takes us on her journey and adventures, good and bad, to find out where she comes from, and who she really is.

My favourite character was Hetty, played by Phoebe Thomas. She made the girl that I had read about in Jacqueline Wilson's books come to life, just as I had imagined.

Gideon was also one of my favourite characters, played by Paul Mundell. He was great at playing a little boy, shy but really funny as well. I also loved the horses, which you have to see to know why!

The stage is quite small and even though the set did not change throughout the performance the music, sounds, lights and characters were so good that they allowed me to imagine where they were supposed to be.

Throughout the performance I felt so many different emotions; excited, sad, scared, happy, angry, and I also laughed a lot.

I loved the whole show, from start to finish – the story, the characters, the acrobatics, and going to the Circus! I would definitely love to see it again.

Catherine Allen is 10 years old and is a pupil at St Mary's C of E School in North Mymms, Hertfordshire