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WOSers Wowed At South Bank Soiree

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Having heard all about the bath man and having enjoyed La Clique when it was housed at the Hippodrome I was really looking forward to last night's (2 November) Group Outing to La Soiree. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

La Soiree, housed in a big top on the South Bank, captures the magic of carnival. From the wristbands to pop corn and with all the ladies in fascinators you know that something quite magical is about to take place. The opening act, a giant singing puppet certainly gets you laughing and as the various acts take to the stage you are by turns awed, shocked and amused. The contortionist who can fit his whole body through a ten inch ring and sit on a pyramid of cans with his feet behind his ears. The muscle bound pair of 'English Gents' who dazzle with their amazing acrobatic feats and mischevious smiles. There's hula hoop magic, modern day clownage and a full PVC costume. The man in the bath has to be seen to be believed but any act that involves a rubber ducky is ok in my books!

Our theatregoers also had the first pick of the seats, so being the intrepid folk they are they took to the very frot row and braved being splashed, licked and sat upon to get a real experience of La Soiree. From a few rows back many of the acts took my breath away so sitting right up front must have been quite a treat!

Please do feel free to email your comments and thoughts about the play, as well as any photos you have of the event and the evening through to [email protected], we love to hear from you.

Thanks for joining us for this event, and do check the homepage to keep up to date on all of our upcoming Outings.


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