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WOS Blog: Partying for Thriller Live 1000th

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Having never seen Thriller Live I was intrigued to finally have tickets for the production that isn’t a show, or a musical but “two-hours of non-stop hit songs from Michael Jackson’s incredible career” a.k.a a concert. And what better performance to have a ticket for than its 1000th with special appearance from Blue (back from Eurovision) and baby-faced Shaheen Jafargholi, the Britain’s Got Talent star who sang "Who's Lovin' You" at Jackson's globally televised public memorial service. Photos from Blue's performance of "Man in the Mirror" can be seen in our photo story.

Now, I'm not a massive MJ fan, but I will admit that in the run up to this evening I did listen to all my old-favourites - "Thriller", "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", "Smooth Criminal" (to name but a few), tried to find a white glove and almost did myself a damage moon-walking in my kitchen but even all that preparation couldn't prepare me for the Jackson extravaganza that is Thriller Live

It takes six performers - including a 13 year old, a woman and 'The Walker' - to recreate Michael Jackson, which speaks far more to the incredible talent of Jackson than any want in the cast. Besides it’s a concert not a biopic so they can present the songs, the facts and the man whichever way they like if they manage to deliver a night of foot-tapping, hip swaying, sing-along fun which they most certainly do. Having chosen all of Jackson’s best songs (and there’s a lot to chose from) even those with the most limited knowledge of his work are sure to be able to join in with a few. There’s even the chance for audience participation and in a four-tier house that’s a lot of participation.

Visually it’s an impressive show. The dancing is simply incredible and the team perfectly polished – given they’ve had 1000 goes at it one assumes they would be, but the energy they give it makes it feel like a first time. The costumes are a treat with leopard print, silver lycra and checked flair trousers and Andrew (my plus one last night) now wants his own pair of gold paint splash jeans, or so he claims.

Following the performance, with “Billie Jean” and “Smooth Criminal” fighting for pole position in my head, Andrew and I made our way to Planet Hollywood for the post-show party. All the cast, along with producers, creators and photographers turned out and much fun was had by all. I’d hoped to try it out my moon-walk (even after the kitchen disaster) but on seeing all the trained professionals about I thought perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for the big leagues yet. I did console myself with many a mini chocolate brownie (heavenly) and a glass or two of wine.

Today I admit to feeling a little worse for wear but with a Michael Jackson medley playing in my head I can’t help but smile and I’ve started an intensive moon-walk training schedule. By the show's 10,000th West End performance, I might be ready for you.

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