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Lenny Henry Fights Back Over Sword Incident???

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Lenny Henry addressed the audience after last night's performance of Othello at Trafalgar Studios (26 October) to criticise media coverage of an incident involving fellow cast member Richard Standing.

The incident occurred during a performance last week (21 October), when Standing's sword accidentally flew out his hand during a fight scene and struck a female audience member.

According to several sources, the woman in question cut herself, even though no one came forward as being injured at the time.

Henry said last night: “There was an incident last week involving a sword accidentally hitting an audience member. It's been a bit crap how it's been reported in the press, so I just want to say well done to Richard (Standing) for coming back and carrying on – I probably would've been hiding in my car or something.”

Standing, who plays Cassio, then received a round of applause, before Henry praised the other cast members and announced a collection would be taken for Acting for Others, a charity that benefits struggling actors and backstage staff.


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