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Fans Stalk Barrowman to Edinburgh with New Musical???

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Swash-buckling, time-travelling, Torchwood heartthrob John Barrowman is the subject of a new musical, based on two fans who set up a detective agency to stalk the star, WalesOnline reports. The piece, penned by Jude Ramsey-Garner has already been written and the title decided (it is aptly named Stalking John Barrowman) with musical director Patrick Steed adding the project is “terribly tongue-in-cheek” and contains “a sort of Disney element.”

Telling the story of Jamie, a gay man in his twenties and his straight friend Julie, the plot centres on their love-affair/obsession with the West End and Broadway musical star. Steed insists that despite the pair's fixation with Barrowman in the piece they "aren’t creepy in their stalking" and are "just being fans."

The team behind the venture say they want the show to be “as big as Jerry Springer the Opera” and plan to take the musical to the Edinburgh Fringe next year, after premiering the work in their native Wales.


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