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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 22 Jan 2010

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There were lots of questions this week as bloggers attempted to consider the future for theatre and the arts. Andy Field blogged his speech at the State of the Arts conference in which he considered what his desires for the future might be (including a rather radical suggestion for the National Theatre…) Meanwhile, Parabasis pondered the question of where future masterpieces will come from in theatre, and Jessica Ruano blogged about the possible impact (and value) of bloggers on the arts.

If the questioning was all too much, there was a change of pace at the Opera North Blog as they let us have a peek into the mind of one of the characters of Ruddigore. Finally, Sans Taste had the little matter of their ‘friendship’ with the Young Vic to discuss…

Looking for Astronauts The State of the Arts
“I wouldn’t want art to inevitably follow advancements in technology, in the internet, in iphone applications, in video games and social networking sites. I don’t want art to evolve elegantly, sensibly, with neat, traceable legacies.”

Parabasis How Do We Get More Masterpieces?
“I was strolling through Wikipedia today, and it's worth noting how many plays many beloved playwrights had written and produced before their masterpieces. Because we ignore the first half of the saying 'took my whole life to be an overnight success,' this gets obfuscated.”

Jessica Ruano – The Value of Bloggers
“I wonder, though: what is the value of bloggers? I would not presume to say that bloggers are more valuable than mainstream journalists — nothing beats a nice large photo on the front cover of a national newspaper — but does our guerrilla press contribute its own something to the arts scene?”

Opera North Blog – Amy Freston writes as her character Rose Maybud and reveals all about who has caught her eye
“Oh Myrty, I must confess there is a boy I like. You know there is… you guessed way back in church that day I flushed so red I thought my hat would catch fire!”

Sans Taste Dear Vic
“It’s not that I don’t appreciate your friendship. It’s really not. It’s just that you only seem to write to me when you want something, like money or for me to come and see a play you’re involved in.”


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