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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 19 Feb 2010

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If there was a theme amongst theatre bloggers this week, it was storytelling. Rob Drummond wrote about the problems involved in beginning to write stories while Jon Spooner at Unlimited Theatre considered the proliferation of stories that (at least for now) wouldn’t be told. Meanwhile, tbackstage stories were revealed in the RSC Dunsinane Diaries as Tom, one of the soldiers in Dunsinane, revealed the chaos caused by the combination of medieval weaponry and a locked door.

Creating stories remained the focus at Jamespeaks as James continued his excellent series of blog posts on self producing – this week looking at how to find people to work with. Finally, for Ken Davenport at The Producer’s Perspective, it was an unusual story that had to be told – of how two producers have devised a new way to raise funds for their show.

Unlimited Theatre Blog – Stories I Won’t Be Telling…

“It’s taken me until yesterday to settle on the story that I’d like to tell. It seemed a shame to just ditch all the others so here is a list of some of the stories that I thought about telling but won’t be... ”

National Theatre of Scotland Blog – Rob Drummond’s tfd blog – part two

“For two hours I sat. Staring at my scribblings. But nothing came. Apart from the feelings that I was essentially stealing from the National Theatre of Scotland because they were paying me to sit and do nothing.”

RSC Dunsinane Diaries – Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

“I can assure you, 24 people covered in mud, in full medieval garb with swords, axes and branches using an electronic keypad to pass through a hallway is a seriously disconcerting image.”

Jamesspeak – Little Jimmy’s Guide to Self Producing, Part 10

“Like-minded people gravitate towards one another. This may take some time, but that's fine. If you're working on creating and cultivating a company, you shouldn't expect - nor are you expected - to have your company fully formed and frozen in time from square one.”

The Producer’s Persepctive – Wanna see a couple of producers get naked? Here’s how.

“It's fun, competitive, and also pretty safe (a few quick calculations will reveal that the ladies are wearing enough accoutrements to never have to reveal too much of what's underneath (oven mitts?)).”


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