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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 14 May 2010

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Guardian critic Michael Billington wasted no time in blogging his response to the new government this week, writing a spirited memo to Jeremy Hunt about the importance of arts funding.

There was a debate of a slightly different kind to be had for Wallet Pop who took conventions of standing ovations on Broadway and questioned whether they mean anything any more.

Elsewhere the focus was on experiments in performance. Unlimited Theatre blogged about the history of MIXTAPE, giving the reader the chance to be part of the experience (albeit through their computer screens!). Meanwhile the culmination of Such Tweet Sorrow pushed Carrie Dunn to reflect on her enjoyment and engagement with the unconventional format.

Finally, Current Productions blogged about the excitement (and mild terror) of the first day of rehearsals.

Michael Billington, Guardian Theatre Blog – Memo to Jeremy Hunt: Hands off the arts budget
"Such cuts, to my mind, would be insane. They would do irreparable damage to British life while scarcely making tuppence difference to reducing the budget deficit."

Pirate Dog - Culture Cuts
“Jeremy Hunt as the new Culture Secretary, there’s much talk of inevitable cuts. Clearly, these are not a good thing”

Wallet Pop – Every Broadway show gets a standing ovation because they’re too expensive 
“Two decades ago, standing ovations were awarded mostly on merit. Only the upper echelon of performances earned them. Almost all performances, even superior ones, were congratulated by a hearty, but seated, round of applause.”

Unlimited Theatre Blog - MIXTAPE @ Forest Fringe/ Mayfest with Action Man
“It was three and half minutes of gorgeousness that we performed at BAC to a small audience with the ‘action’ growing out of total darkness - total control over the environment and pinpoint precise lighting cues.”

Show and Stay Blog – Such Tweet Sorrow A Risk Worth Taking 
"Perhaps the oddest thing about this ostentatious expression of grief is that every single follower knew that Mercutio was going to die on that day. We spent the day anxiously clicking ‘refresh’ on our Twitter feeds, waiting for Tybalt to stab his old enemy and for Romeo to avenge his best friend. "

Current Productions – First Days 
“The first rehearsal is very much like the first day of school. Everyone actors, stage manager, and director is excited and a little bit nervous.”

Glens Theatre Blog – Up on the Roof
“Theatre is in many ways like cooking; bring a range of disparate ingredients together to create something sublime. Miss one ingredient out or use an inferior ingredient and the result suffers.”

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