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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 13 Nov 2009

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This week was a time for reflection for bloggers as projects came to an end, new journeys were begun and annual lists were compiled. Oldham Coliseum blogged about the end of the DigiLab project HeavenSpot and the changes which had occurred for its community cast over its development.

At Everything I Know I Learnt From Musicals, the annual list of underrated musicals was the topic of the week - complete with a special plea for Scarlett Johansson to make her move to Broadway.

On The Producer's Perspective it was a breakfast meeting which led to some unexpected lessons being learnt and some questions being raised about possible ways to produce in the future.  

Finally, it was a return to Edinburgh for Hoipolloi after their exploits there in the summer - with Hugh Hughes considering, amongst other things, knitting jumpers...

DigiLAB - HeavenSpot: What A Journey
"The cast at times wondered why, we the DigiLAB group, made them work through wacky warm up games and pushed them to understand the need for focus and energy; that was until the opening night, when many faces realised the scale of the main stage performance, and the penny dropped that ’Zip Zap boing’ would help them if nothing else did."

Everything I Know I Learnt From Musicals - The Most Underrated Musical - Fall 2009
"Plenty of choices that melt my icy heart, particularly Once on This Island. Grading those three papers prompted me to break out the cast recording, which I haven't listened to in years, and it was a joy to rediscover this inventive and heartfelt little show."

The Producer's Perspective
How Korean Producers Raise Money For Their Shows
"Just when I thought what we did was identical, he said to me, 'And of course there are the ticketing companies.' I choked on my rye."

Hoipolloi Theatre Blog - Hugh speaks...travelling to Edinburgh
"I haven’t been to Edinburgh outside of festival time. Neither has Aled. "It’ll be the same but different," he said. "It’ll be wearing its winter coat,"he said as he looked out of the window at Newcastle."


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