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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 12 Feb 2010

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Beginnings, endings, changes – the transitory nature of making theatre was at the forefront of Bloggers writing this week. Northern Creative wrote about early rehearsals, learning new things about characters and how important the right footwear is whilst Nancy Kenny tackled a slightly earlier beginning – writing the first draft and the rather pressing problem of naming characters.

The Sheffield Theatres Blog continued to give insights into all aspects of their theatres, this week proving the adage that if you want to know anything you should ask the person on stage door. House Assistant Ian Jackson took the time to blog about his week at the theatre (and suggested that acting might be a tougher job that its reputation suggests).

Lois Backstage wrote about the lifestyle that goes hand in hand with working in theatre, touching on the uncertainty as well as the endless possibilities that such a career choice brings.

Finally, in revealing the person behind their social media presence Praxis Theatre stumbled upon some theatre magic as Brittney A. Filek-Gibson took the time to reflect on why she is a theatre artist.

Northern Creative Rehearsal Report 3
“At the casting session I requested that attendees bring character appropriate footware. This was for two reasons. Firstly because it would give me a sense that the performer and I were singing from the same hymn sheet regarding the character, and secondly because footware assists in movement and the physicality of the performance.”

So You Want To Be An Actor? What’s In A Name?
“I haven’t figured out yet what I’m so scared of, but I do know I put an awful lot of pressure on myself to 'make it perfect' or to have it 'be the one' – you know, 'the show to end all shows'.”

Sheffield Theatres Blog – A View from Stage Door
“I have their call sheet for today (it tells the cast & crew who’s needed when, where and for how long) and if you think this acting lark is easy, how about a twelve hour day of rehearsals ending with a full run through of the play!”

Lois Backstage – A Constant State of Flux
“With the exception of the very few, those of us who choose a career in theatre live in a constant state of flux.  Most jobs are six weeks or less, and often we don’t know where our next job is coming from.”

Praxis Theatre Blog – Praxis has a brand new Fan Page (and Fan Page Sheriff)
“I’m a theatre artist because I believe that theatre can change the world.  Which might sound naïve or idealistic or silly, and maybe it is.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”


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