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Trailer: Master of the Macabre


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Benedict Barber is a magician with a taste for the ghoulish and grisly. His show Master of the Macabre is playing at The Vaults until 1 November.

We caught up with him to find out more about the show...

What is Master of the Macabre about?

The show is a magic show based on the events of my life, some of which were quite horrific and mentally scarred me. It has a running narrative throughout and we aim to entertain, amuse and terrify.

What can audiences expect?

A show unlike they have ever seen before. They will see everything from manipulation to mind control and a floating table surrounded by people to boot! We take them on a veritable roller coaster of emotions and they will never be quite sure what is coming next…

Why is Master of the Macabre the show to see this Halloween?

Master of the Macabre has been critically acclaimed by audiences and reviewers alike and part of the reason for that is because there is nothing else like it on the face of the planet. It is bizarre, wonderful, celebratory and dark, very dark.

What inspired the development of Master of the Macabre?

The narrative, the unfortunate accident and my love for magic. We really want to push new boundaries, open up new doors and challenge people whilst entertaining throughout.