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RSC unveils cast for live-stream Troy Story show broadcast from its stage

The show will be available from tomorrow

Ben Caplan, Andrew French and Amanda Hadingue
Ben Caplan, Andrew French and Amanda Hadingue

Casting has been unveiled for the RSC's Troy Story – an epic retelling of Greek classics being streamed from the venue's auditorium this weekend.

Director Gregory Doran, the sole member of the creative team, will be joined by a company including Alice Blundell (Andromache / Antilochus), Jonathan Broadbent (Ulysses), Ben Caplan (Ulysses), Alfred Clay (Sailor), Andrew French (Achilles), Colm Gormley (Hector / Eumaeus / Antonious), William Grint (Siren) Amanda Hadingue (Laocoon / Hecuba), Greg Haiste (Sinon / Anchises), Kemi-Bo Jacobs (Penelope), Avita Jay (Sailor), Joseph Kloska (Aeneas), Zoe Lambert (Athena / Old Euryclea), Georgia Landers (Venus / Creusa), Mogali Masuku (Thetis / Priam), Annette McLaughlin (Minerva), Dyfrig Morris (Cyclops), Baker Mukasa (Priam / Pantheus), Anne Odeke (Nestor / Eurypylus), Patrick Osborne (Telemachus / Eurymachus), Bea Webster (Siren) and Assad Zaman (Patroclus).

The show will be broadcast from the venue from tomorrow, with the show then available on-demand for seven days. The story will follow both the Trojan War and the Odyssey.

There won't be set or costumes, but there will be actors giving it their all. The schedule of pieces is as follows:

10am The Rage of Achilles
12.30pm The Death of Hector
3pm The Wooden Horse
5.30pm Cyclops and Sirens
8pm The Hero Return

Tickets are available now via the RSC website.