About This Show

Dip is new trampoline and live music show specifically created and devised to be performed in public spaces and outdoor programming. The show revolves around ?the found’; how we find each other, objects we find daily and how we can make creative and fun use of waste, as well as interrogating relationships in a society of overconsumption. The framework explores sound, musicality, physicality and narrative possibilities, using a trampoline with a platform as a centre stage.

With a cast of three performers including Max Calaf as a lead artist and the support of existing collaborators they will be performing a free show on Sunday 14 April, 11.00am and 2.00pm on the Worthing Pavilion Theatre Promenade. Max Calaf has previously performed in Worthing’s Summer of Circus festival with indoor trampoline show Anyday.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: 03 August 2019